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2006/12/24 17:07:30

羽田空港では、今年もエアポートクリスマス 2006イベントが第一、第二ターミナルで開催された。
写真は第1旅客ターミナル マーケットプレイス2F フェスティバルコートで開催された、今年で11回目となる日本航空グループ合唱団「フロイデ」によるクリスマスソングのコーラスの模様。

Olympus E-330 ZUIKO DIGITAL 11-22mmF2.8-3.5 1/50 f3.5 ISO640 RAW(SilkyPix)
2006 airport Christmas events were held in the 1st and 2nd terminal in Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) this year.
The photograph is a pattern of the chorus of the song of Christmas by becoming it Japan Airlines group chorus "Froide".

2006/12/03 22:05:35


Olympus E-330 ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mmF2.8-3.5 1/60 f3.2 ISO800 RAW(SilkyPix)
2006 world volleyball boy finals won here by the complete victory with last championed Brazil and became fighting with Poland that had gone up.
However, Brazil satisfactorily perfectly developed the best volleyball in the world, and a continuous victory was decorated with a splendid, straight winning. As a result, Poland and 3rd place became the results named Bulgaria in Brazil and the second place as for the victory.

2006/10/09 14:37:32

JALは、2006年11月ご搭乗分より設定いたしました国内線割引運賃「先得割引」の広告を機体にデザインした「JAL先得ジェット」を10月から就航させている。「JAL先得ジェット」は、2006年9月よりJALとのイメージキャラクター契約を締結しているタレント相武紗季さんの客室乗務員姿(高さ3.8mX横4.3m)の特大広告をボーイング777-200型機の胴体へ貼り付けた機体だそうである。JA8984、JA771J、JA772J の3機に貼り付けられる予定だそうである。現在はJA771Jにのみ貼り付けられている。

Olympus E-500 ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50-200mm 1/2000 f5 ISO100 RAW(SilkyPix
JAL is running from October the "JAL point profit jet" which designed on the body the advertisement of the domestic flight discount excursion fare "point profit discount" set up from a boarded part in November, 2006. It is said that the "JAL point profit jet" is the body which stuck on the body of a Boeing 777 -200 type machine the special enlarged advertisement of the flight attendant figure (height 3.8mX4.3m wide) of Mr. talent Saki Aitake who has concluded the image character contract with JAL from September, 2006. It is said that it is due to be stuck on three sets, JA8984, JA771J, and JA772J. It is stuck only on JA771J now.
2006/09/30 17:43:30


Olympus E-1 ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50-200mm 1/640 f3.5 ISO200 RAW(SilkyPix)
Finally medium size opportunity YS-11 developed as an only domestic passenger plane after the war retired [ 2006.09. ] the commemoration flight between a Japanese air commuter's (JAC) Kagoshima Prefecture and offing Nagayoshi part-Kagoshima from the domestic fixed passenger transport for 41 years on the 30th. At both airports, the ceremony was held and the aviation fan of the persons concerned or large number of people said good-bye to "wings of Japan."
No. 3806 (Captain Eiichi Motomura) which took off from the offing Nagayoshi part airport to 16:07 will arrive at the Kagoshima airport at this 17:42. It passed through the bottom of the arch on which two fire trucks spray water, and meeting of the prepared persons concerned was received.
2006/09/17 11:31:42


Olympus E-1 Nikkor AF-S 300mmF4D 1/4000 f5.6 ISO200 RAW(SilkyPix)
t visited "2006 Aviation festival in KOMATSU" of the Air Self Defense Force Komatsu base. Although it worried about the weather under the influence of a typhoon, in the afternoon, the weather improved gradually and the program was performed in general as the schedule.
Two F16 fighters (Misawa base in Aomori) which a part of training transfers to this base by U.S. Armed Forces in Japan reorganization this time participated for the first time, and the movement flight of PACAF was also performed.
A photograph is the situation of a demonstration of PACAF and F16 fighter.
2006/08/20 18:13:19


Olympus E-500 ZUIKO DIGITAL 50-200mmF2.8-3.5 1/250 f3.5 ISO800 RAW(SilkyPix)
The third day of a world Grand Prix 2006 Tokyo convention and Japan played a match against a king's Brazil last time. However, Japan was beaten by the straight of the set count 0-3, without the ability developing pair ballet of boast.
That the ballet style is quick like of Japan and that the measure on the team of pair ballet like of Japan is made firmly regard Brazil as being mentioned as a factor of a complete victory.
Brazil may also have evolved more than Japan.
A photograph is the Brazil FABIANA player who opts for a back attack.

2006/08/16 20:30:17


Olympus E-330 ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mmF2.8-3.5 1.6 f11 ISO200 RAW(SilkyPix)
It has carried out to the Jingu Gaien fireworks display on the way from the office today. Originally, although it could be due to view from the stand hall, by my carelessness, a ticket will be lost and it will view from the circumference of the hall. In the Jingu Gaien here fireworks display, creation fireworks were launched by the center rather than orthodox fireworks, such as Otama.
2006/08/05 09:50:09


Olympus E-1  Nikkor AF-S300mmF4 1/2500 f5.6 ISO100 RAW(SilkyPix)
The Air Self Defense Force Chitose base aviation festival was held under fine weather. Although the temperature of Hokkaido on the day was intense heat which exceeds 30 degrees in Sapporo, many visitors visited it. The formation flight by various fighters, a movement flight and the movement flight of the U.S. air force plane (F-16), and the acrobat of a blue impulse were also carried out, and the atmosphere of an aviation festival after a long time was able to be enjoyed. It is also the feature of this aviation festival that a plane for governmental use is exhibited.
2006/07/30 11:26:49


Olympus E-1  Nikkor AF-S300mmF4 1/2500 f5.6 ISO100 RAW(SilkyPix)
The Air Self Defense Force Hyakuri base aviation festival was held under fine weather. The formation flight by various fighters, a movement flight and the movement flight of a U.S. Forces plane, and the acrobat of a blue impulse were also carried out, and the atmosphere of an aviation festival after a long time was able to be enjoyed. The 50th anniversary 3SQ special paint machine also came flying from the Misawa base, and the movement flight was performed. Although 100 village bases were also the 40th anniversary of inauguration of official business, the paint machine was not exhibited here specially.
2006/07/17 17:07:18


Olympus E-1  Zuiko Digital ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5 1/800 f3.5 ISO400 RAW(SilkyPix)
JAL runs two "Tamagotchi jets" to a domestic flight during everybody's summer sky campaign (July 14 to August 31). These campaign is two appearance half tickets or six sheets, and can receive ten kinds of services. It seems that on the other hand, ANA opposes with the service which lowered the actual purchase price by "Tabiwari plus" and "Picawari Tabiwari."
2006/07/02 14:18:01


Olympus E-330  Zuiko Digital ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5+EC-14 1/800 f5.0 ISO320 RAW(SilkyPix)
JAL is running the equipments which stuck suddenly the seal of global-warming-prevention activity "warming which will be stopped all together, and team minus 6%" to the domestic flight. It is said that it took out much carbon dioxide and has influenced global warming since an airplane uses much fuel. In JAL, it is going to contribute to emptyEco by the operation method which considered the environmental thing.
2006/06/10 11:29:46


Olympus E-1  Zuiko Digital ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5 1/1250 f5.0 ISO100 RAW(SilkyPix)
The World Cup 2006 of soccer opened in Germany on Japan Standard Time 6 / 9th. Although the game against Japan is not held yet at present, I want to leave a surely good result. A photograph is a special paint machine which JAPAN AIR LINES which is the sponsor of the World Cup of soccer is flying from last month. It is a next opportunity although B747 version also exists in others (-_-;) ...
2006/06/02 16:04:12


Olympus E-330  Zuiko Digital ED40-150mmF3.5-4.5 1/1250 f5.0 ISO200 SHQ(Jpeg)
The 25th Yokohama opening-of-a-port festival was held today. The Maritime Safety Agency rescue exhibition and the Government and municipal offices boat parade were carried out as one of the events. The weather was that which many vessels which can seldom be seen usually participate although it was bad, and is very impressive. A photograph is the situation of a water-drainage demonstration of fireboat Hiryu(FL01) which belongs to the third Regional Maritime Safety Headquarters (Yokohama).
2006/05/28 13:56:32

48回航空自衛隊美保基地航空祭が本日開催された。美保基地には主に第3輸送航空隊が存在し、輸送機、救難機等の操縦士及び航空士の教育などの任務を行っている。午後からは人気のブルーインパルスのアクロバット飛行が悪天候にもかかわらず第四区分で実施され、多くの観衆を魅了した。写真はDIRTY TURNで会場正面から侵入するブルーインパルス1〜4号機。

Olympus E-1  Zuiko Digital ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5+EC-14 1/1000 f5.6 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
The 48th Air Self Defense Force Miho base aviation festival was held today. The 3rd transportation flying corps mainly exists in the Miho base, and duties, such as education of pilots, such as a transport and a rescue plane, are performed. From the afternoon, in spite of bad weather, the acrobatic flight of a popular blue impulse was carried out in the fourth classification, and charmed many spectators. A photograph is a blue impulse of No. 1-4 which invades from the hall front by DIRTY TURN.
2006/05/14 11:45:22

東京では3月下旬に満開となった桜の木。5月中旬になり赤やオレンジ色の実を付け始めた。この実はさくらんぼとは異なり小さく固い。最初は赤い色をしているがだんだん黒くなる。 でもなんか美味しそうである♪。

Olympus E-1  Zuiko Digital ED14-54mmF2.8-3.5 1/500 f3.5 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
The tree of the cherry which was in full bloom in Tokyo late in March. It becomes in mid-May and it was begun to attach the fruit of red or orange. Unlike the cheree , this fruit is small hard. It becomes blacker and blacker although the red color is carried out at first. It is ♪ which seems to be delicious something.
2006/05/03 08:42:12


Olympus E-500  Zuiko Digital ED14-54mmF2.8-3.5 1/2000 f3.5 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
The airplane out of the world as the door in Japan with various Narita Airport gathers.
Airline air Hong Kong of a freight speciality is the airline which connected business partnership with a DHL express and was founded, in order that the Casey Pacific may make a freight transportation network to Bangkok, Pinang, Singapore, Taipei, Narita, Kansai, and Incheon in October, 2002. A photograph is an air Hong Kong machine which arrives early morning and is moved to another spot at midnight before a start.
2006/04/30 10:15:09


Olympus E-1  Zuiko Digital ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5 1/2000 f2.8 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
Across a canal, Haneda Airport is the other side and the castle Nanto seaside park which is one of the artificial sands which exist in [ three ] Tokyo can enjoy the sight of an airplane of an airplane every several minutes. 2003. By the hand of the Ports and Harbors Bureau, seashell digging became possible from 04.01. Here, the young clam of Littleneck clam is used. A photograph is a lander which approaches Haneda Airport R/W22 in the sky of people who do seashell digging.
2006/04/23 16:14:24

2006年4月22日(土)〜23日(日)、2006日韓V.LEAGUE TOP MATCHが開催された。この大会は日韓バレーボールトップリーグの上位チームが交流し、相互研磨の機会を得ることにより両国の競技力向上を図り、国際競争力の強化と、両国のバレーボールの普及発展に寄与し、ひいては両国のスポーツ・文化の交流と、両国バレーボールファンの増加を促進させることを目的とするとして、今年から開催されるようになった。第一回の優勝は得点率1位の久光製薬であった。写真は韓国V.LEAGUE1位の興国生命、ファン・ヨンジュ選手のバックアタック。

Olympus E-500  Zuiko Digital ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5 1/125 f2.9 ISO800 RAW(Silkypix)
2006 Japan-South Korea V.LEAGUE TOP MATCH was held April 22(Sat.), 2006 - Sun., 23. It came to be held from this year for aiming at the higher rank team of a Japan-South Korea volleyball top league interchanging this convention, and aiming at improvement in game power of both countries by obtaining the opportunity of mutual polish, and contributing to spread development of strengthening of competition in the international market, and volleyball of both countries, as a result promoting exchange of the sport and culture of both countries, and the increase in a both-countries volleyball fan. The first championship was Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical of the 1st place of the rate of a score. A photograph is the back attack of the Hungkuk life of the 1st place of South Korean V.LEAGUE, and a Hwang Youn-joo player.
2006/04/18 10:28:36

日本航空(JAL)は、サッカー日本代表のオフィシャルスポンサーとして、ドイツ大会に向かうサッカー日本代表チームをサポ−トするキャンペーン「SAMURAI BLUE 2006 キャンペ-ン」を展開している。現在サッカー日本代表をイメージしてデザインした航空機を国際線で運航しており、4月から国内線でもB777-300型機(JA8945)1機を運航している。写真は国内線仕様機。

Olympus E-1  Zuiko Digital ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5 1/800 f8 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
JAPAN AIRLINES (JAL) is developing the campaign "SAMURAI BLUE 2006 campaign" which supports the representative for soccer  team of Japan which goes to the German convention as an official sponsor of the representative of Japan for soccer. The airplane which imagined and designed the representative of Japan for the present soccer is plied by the international airline, and the domestic flight also plies one B777 -300 type opportunity (JA8945) from April. A photograph is a domestic flight specification machine.
2006/04/07 16:32:44


Olympus E-330  Zuiko Digital ED 150mmF2 1/800 f4 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
It has agreed formally by beginning free trade agreement (FTA) negotiation from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and July when Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi will confer with the sultan Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia constantly in the prime minister official residence in April 6, and it will build in six nations of Persian Gulf, such as Southey. It is the royal flight machine of sultan Crown Prince boarding with which a photograph takes off from Haneda Airport towards Hong Kong in the evening of April 7.
2006/03/29 14:38:20


Olympus E-1  Zuiko Digital ED 150mmF2 1/3200 f2.8 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
In Tokyo Shinagawa, the cherry tree was in full bloom today. Most of the kind of the cherry tree of Tokyo is Somei Yoshino. It is said that it was beginning that the gardener of the Edo period last stage and Edo stain Imura (present Komagome, Toshima-ku) called this kind the "Yoshino cherry tree", and it put on the market, and this name was given in order to distinguish from climax cherry tree of the famous place of a cherry tree, and the Yoshino mountain after that.
2006/03/17 08:27:10


Olympus E-1  Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm1/160 f3.5 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
2006.03.18 The bed special express "Izumo" which connects Sanin and Tokyo and continued running them for 34 years. But JR diagram revision was abolished. The express which the visit to shrine train which went to Izumo Shrine is made into a root prewar days, and departs and arrives Sanin after the war being also absent. it is named " and has the circumstances where the bed special express "Izumo" which will connect between Tokyo in 1972 came out A photograph is "Izumo" which train arrival is delayed by influence of the strong wind near Shizuoka two days before abolition, and runs in Yokosuka Line. (at the Nishi Oi station) 
2006/03/10 14:39:22


Olympus E-330  Nikkor AF-S300mm/4+EC-14  (equiv840mm) 1/500 f8 ISO400 RAW(Silkypix)
JA8157 from which the 747-SR/LR opportunity of ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS turned into the last one set although retirement had been advanced from superannuation etc. returned to private life 2006.03.10 and the Kagoshima-Haneda facilities at the end. After the Haneda arrival, line cracks and the Yamamoto peak student presidents are as large as "thank you" on the body, the ceremony wrote in, and the passenger was also writing in his different message with "it is tired with labor" etc. Photographs are the Yamamoto peak student presidents who finish writing a sign and get down from a gangway ladder.
2006/03/05 15:51:10


Olympus E-330  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/250 f3.1 ISO800 RAW(Silkypix)
A volleyball V league woman's play-off (2 game first-game-win system) final game was held in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. The pioneer (the 1st place of regular round) was straight, defeated Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical (said 2 grades), and achieved the championship of whenever [ 2 Times / 2 Season for the first time in ] with two wins and one loss. As for the most valuable player, Megumi Kurihara was chosen.
2006/02/25 16:42:20


Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED150mmF2  1/250 f2.2 ISO400 RAW(Silkypix)
In the women's volleyball V league, the final round by 4 teams which advanced the regular round to which finals advance was applied began from the 25th. As for Toray Industries Arows pair Takefuji and the BanBoo game which attracted attention, Takefuji won by 3-1. Although Toray Industries was a memorable corporate foundation 80 year year, it was not able to decorate with a victory. A photograph is one top under game.
2006/02/16 06:41:10


Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED150mmF2  1/125 f2.8 ISO400 RAW(Silkypix)
2006.02.16 The Kobe airport which new airport opened a port to foreign trade. The Kobe airport is a third-class airport, and employment time is 15 hours at 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and becomes the longest at a third-class mail airport. Although the Kobe airport also has the opinion indicated that there is a problem with profitability or safety, Kobe-shi is making the trial calculation of the economic effect of the Kobe airport with about 362,100 million yen, and has required expectation for the further Kobe revitalization of the economy by opening of a port. A photograph is the one first service for Kobe from Haneda and ANA411 which leave Haneda Airport.
2006/02/14 16:26:32

(所沢市民体育館) 写真の二次使用はお断りいたします。

Olympus E-500  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/250 f2.8 ISO640 JPEG(SHQ)
In a volleyball V league woman, the team to the 4th place can participate [ the ranking after a league end ] in a final league. It is at the time of today, 3 teams was already determined, and the 1 remaining teams were not decided. Since Takefuji won and Seagulls lost as a result of today's game, the advance to a final league was decided by Takefuji.
Photographs are players of the Takefuji BanBoo who finish a game and go to a cheering section.
(Tokorozawa citizen gymnasium) I refuse secondary use of a photograph.
2006/02/03 09:42:11

日本の航空業界からボーイング747クラシック機の退役が進んでいる。現在ボーイング747クラシックを所有する日本航空、全日空では今年度中の全機退役を発表している。どんどんリストラされていく老兵と共に、航空機関士という職業もすでに過去のものとなりつつある。写真は売却の準備が整った元ANA B747SR。(exJA8175)

Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/1000 f7.1 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
Retirement from service of a Boeing 747 classic machine is progressing from the aviation industry of Japan. JAPAN AIR LINES and ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS which own Boeing 747 classic now have announced all opportunity retirement from service during the current fiscal year. With the old soldier by whom restructuring is done rapidly, the occupation of a flight engineer is also already becoming the past thing. A photograph is ANAB747SR the origin in which preparation of sale was completed. (exJA8175) 
2006/01/29 14:49:36


Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/250 f2.8 ISO800 RAW(Silkypix)
The first place decisive battle of a volleyball V league woman and pioneer pair Toray Industries was held in Tendo-shi, Yamagata which is the home of a pioneer team. In the third leg, the pioneer had serve receipt disturbed by Toray Industries, and missed the victory 1-3. As a result, ranking interchanged and Toray Industries came back to the first place. A photograph is the situation of a victor interview of Toray Industries which gained a brilliant victory in the enemy's territory, and Kana Oyama.
2006/01/21 13:29:22


Olympus E-500  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/500 f3.5 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
The first snow coverage was observed in Haneda Airport this year today. Weather aggravation of the direction of Hokkaido was also helped, 17 was canceled focusing on the Haneda Airport arrival-and-departure flight in JAPAN AIR LINES, and 77 was canceled in ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS. A photograph seems to carry out diffusion spraying of the Deicing agent at an airplane using Deicingcar.
2006/01/01 10:23:06


Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/800 f5.6 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
Before, when I called it the New Year's Day, the annual usual practice photoed the Japanese crane in Hokkaido Akan-cho. However, now, because condition out of condition, a long trip cannot be taken. However, only the merit of Hokkaido of winter is not forgotten but it has become a usual practice to photo an airplane in Shin-Chitose Airport recently.