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2005/12/23 14:04:11


Olympus E-500  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED14-54mmF2.8-3.5  1/10 f3.2 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
If the time of Christmas comes every year, various events will be performed in the Haneda Airport terminal. They are what the Haneda Airport building sponsors, the thing which each airline sponsors, and the contents of an event which even an adult can enjoy from a child, respectively. Probably a photograph is the situation of the hand bell performance by first CA as ANA. The expression of CA's who becomes it tense delicately is interesting.
2005/12/17 15:15:23


Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/250 f3.0 ISO800 RAW(Silkypix)
The 12th volleyball V league woman first place offensive and defensive battle and the pioneer pair Toray Industries game were held in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Although it became Meg since the international competition, and kana confrontation, Toray Industries defeated the pioneer and wrested away the first place today. A photograph is a pioneer team which corresponds by three-sheet block in Kana Oyama.
2005/12/10 15:05:11

Word Grand Champions Cup 2005で中断していた第12回バレーボールVリーグが、12月から再び開幕した。久しぶりのVリーグだが、私は埼玉県深谷市で開催されたパイオニアvsシーガルズ戦とNECvs武富士戦を観戦した。写真はもはやパイオニアのエースとして活躍し、次期全日本にも期待される栗原恵選手。

Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/250 f3.2 ISO800 RAW(Silkypix)
The 12th volleyball V league interrupted for Word Grand Champions Cup 2005 opened again from November. Although it was V league after a long time, I observed the pioneer vs Seaguls game and NEC vs Takefuji game which were held in Fukaya-shi, Saitama. A photograph is Megumi Kurihara who already plays an active part as a pioneer's ace, and is also expected to all next YanagimotoJapan.
2005/12/05 10:39:36


Olympus E-500  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/1600 f5 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
The Kanto district is blessed with fine weather in many cases in winter. Mt. Fuji looks good also from the Tokyo heart on the dry day when especially humidity is low. It is regrettable that the Tanzawa-yama system is before Mt. Fuji, and the foot in Mt. Fuji cannot be seen. A photograph is taken from the Haneda Airport view deck.
2005/11/20 18:34:12

4年に1度開催されるバレーボールの祭典Word Grand Champions Cup 2005がホスト国日本で開幕した。女子の部はブラジルが優勝した。発展途上のチームで臨んだ日本は残念ながら5位という結果に終わった。写真は対アメリカ戦でクロスをアメリカ、メトカフ選手にブロックされる全日本菅山選手。

Olympus E-500  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/250 f3.1 ISO640 RAW(Silkypix)
Festival Word Grand Champions Cup 2005 of volleyball held once in 4 opened in host country Japan. As for a woman's part, Brazil won the victory. Japan which faced in the team on the way of development finished with the result of the 5th place, though it was regrettable. A photograph is all Japanese Sugayama blocked by the United States and the METCALF player in crossing by the game against the United States.
2005/11/08 16:15:36


Olympus E-300  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50mmF2  1/200 f2 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
I have gone to the EPSON Shinagawa Aqua stadium in Tokyo and Shinagawa for daily stress alleviation. Since it was too called the Tokyo famous place, it was heavy congestion in spite of the weekday. I have brought after all a result which spends time, without being cured.
2005/11/06 16:06:21


Olympus E-300  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED14-54mmF2.8-3.5  1/160 f3.5 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
Also in Tokyo Motor Show 2005 currently held from the middle of October, today turned into the final day. A photograph is near future electromobile ELIICA which the Keio University automobile laboratory is studying. A power supply uses a lithium ion battery, and the acceleration time from 370km of top speed and a stop state to 160km/h is the spec. of 4.1 seconds, and it has the performance which is not possible by the car which used the usual engine. It is said that research for general spread is done and it goes from now on.
2005/10/27 16:30:35

株式会社ウィルコム(旧DDIポケット株式会社)はWPC EXPO2005で11月発売予定の新しい音声端末ラインアップやWILLCOM SIM STYLE、そして日本で初めてMicrosoft Windows CE5.0を搭載した「W-ZERO3」などを紹介した。特にW-ZERO3(株式会社シャープ製)はW-SIMモジュールを搭載したスマートフォンで、新しいPDAの姿を予感させる。写真はW-ZERO3のショーの様子。

Olympus E-300  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED14-54mmF2.8-3.5  1/40 f3.5 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
WILLCOM Inc. (old DDI pocket incorporated company) introduced the new voice terminal lineup and new WILLCOM SIM STYLE of a sale schedule in November, "W-ZERO3" which carried Microsoft Windows CE5.0 for the first time in Japan, etc. by WPC EXPO2005. Especially W-ZERO3 (product made from an incorporated company sharp) is the smart phon which carried the W-SIM module, and makes a presentiment of the figure of new PDA have. A photograph is the situation of the show of W-ZERO3.
2005/10/21 15:47:22

現在日本の大手各航空会社では、古い航空機機材を処分して、燃費の良い新しい航空機材への代替が進められている。写真は フェリーフライト前のテスト飛行から戻ってきた、売却される全日空B747クラシック型機(JA8174)。売却後のレジスタは5B-AUCとなる模様。

Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/640 f5.6 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
In major each airlines in Japan, old airplane equipments are disposed of and substitution to new airplane material with sufficient mpg is advanced now. A photograph is an ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS B747 classic type machine (JA8174) which has returned from the test flight before a ferry flight and which is sold off. The register after sale seems to serve as 5B-AUC. 
2005/10/07 16:28:11


Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED14-54mmF2.8-3.5  1/160 f4 ISO400 RAW(Silkypix)
I had gone out for CEATEC2005 event held in Makuhari Messe. A photograph is W33SA of au, viewing and listening in the wide screen of 16:9 is possible for it, and data-broadcasting reception of one segment etc. can enjoy ground digital broadcasting. It says that the Navigation Services for direction companies "EZ naviwark" and the original service of a function etc. which performs guidance at the spot introduced in cooperation and the program are also newly due to be offered in addition to the function of "EZ television" for analog broadcasting which searches BGM which is flowing by broadcast, such as "making it hear it and searching". A one segment broadcast start is from April, 2006.
おまけ ムラタセイサク君
2005/09/30 21:25:40

チャイナドレスの中国語での名称は「旗袍(チーパオ)」というらしい。英語ではChinese dress(チャイニーズ・ドレス)、またはcheongsam(チョンサム)という。中国が清王朝時代の頃、軍人の上層部が着ていたのが始まりで、高い襟は首を寒さから防ぐためで、両脇のスリットは馬に乗る時に便利だからだという。中国では結婚式の花嫁が良く着るのだそうである。

Olympus E-1  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED14-54mmF2.8-3.5  1/200 f3.2 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
Seemingly, the name in the Chinese of the China dress will be called "旗袍 (chi-pao)." In English, it is called Chinese dress (Chinese dress) or cheongsam. When China is ShinOutyou, it is beginning that a military man's upper levels wore, a high collar is for protecting a head from cold, and it is said that it is because the slit of both the sides is convenient when riding on a horse. It is said that a nuptial bride wears well in China.
Model: Yoshiko Enjoji (NetAge)
2005/09/24 17:29:21

Olympus E-300  ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  1/250 f3 ISO800 RAW(Silkypix)
In order to see the opening game of a 12th women's volleyball V league, he has gone to Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. The hall was being crowded with many fans and the volleyball persons concerned. Also in it, the team was left temporarily, and the pioneer and Megumi Kurihara who adjustment was not enough and were doubtful of opening game participation also participated the middle, and were able to boil in the hall. A photograph is Kurihara who strikes a dexterous spike, and a pioneer's new captain and Yoshida.
2005/09/18 10:51:11

Olympus E-300 AF-S Nikkor ED300mmF4 + TC14E  1/800 f8 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
The Air Self Defense Force Komatsu base aviation festival was also held as planned this year. Although the field of view was bad a little on the day, it was comparatively fine, and all were carried out, without also canceling flight exhibition. Since the apron used as the Komatsu base aviation festival hall is narrow a little, a certain measure will be needed to a visitor from now on. A photograph is F-15J which take off from the Komatsu base runway for the 2nd high movement flight. (From the Komatsu airport view deck to photography)
おまけ 航空自衛隊迷彩塗装のUH-60J
2005/09/11 14:15:20

Olympus E-300 ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mmF2.8-3.5  1/8 f3.5 ISO400 RAW(Silkypix)
The event of Haneda Airport "Day of Sky" was held today. The Aeronautical Safety College is a special university which trains an air traffic controller, an air-traffic control operation information official, and an air-traffic control technical official. The exhibition for training and a demonstration in each field were performed today. The experience candidate is just going to experience radar control, learning a photograph from a controller's eggs. The Aeronautical Safety College is due to be relocated from near future Haneda to well at "Rinku-town" near Kansai International Airport.
2005/09/04 07:52:18

Olympus E-300 ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mmF2.8-3.5  1/800 f4 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
It has been to the U.S. air force and the Misawa base aviation festival (Misawa-shi, Aomori) of Air Self Defense Force joint holding. It was surprised first that ground exhibition of the B-1B (86-0102) which makes a home a U.S. mainland Ellsworth air force base was carried out. Although it is the midst to which reorganization in the Asia-Pacific region is performed to correspond to "an unstable arc" and a bomber is arranged as part of that in the U.S. air force on the Anderssen base (Guam), it is thought that this ground exhibition advertizes it.
2005/08/21 16:15:20

Olympus E-1 ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5 + EC14 1/2500 f5.6 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
A yukata is a kind of a kimono and is indispensable in summer of Japan. It seems that the only opportunity of the woman who has a kimono on now serves as a yukata which it has on in summer. Even if a woman dressed in yukata sees from a male, she is great.
おまけ AWACSE-3セントリー機投
2005/08/15 13:25:21

Olympus E-300 Laica Elmerit 28mmF2.8 1/100 f3.5 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
A yukata is a kind of a kimono and is indispensable in summer of Japan. It seems that the only opportunity of the woman who has a kimono on now serves as a yukata which it has on in summer. Even if a woman dressed in yukata sees from a male, she is great.
2005/08/07 10:15:21

Olympus E-1 ZUIKO DIGITAL ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5  + EC14 1/2500 f5.6 ISO200 RAW(Silkypix)
The Air Self Defense Force Chitose base aviation festival was also held on the Chitose base this year. Flight exhibition was performed in the damp heat which cannot be regarded as Hokkaido on the day. However, a part of flight exhibitions have been canceled with not not much sufficient state and field of view of clouds. A photograph is exhibition of the Chitose base noted product plane for governmental use, and the exhibition scenery of a blue impulse
2005/07/27 12:00:36

2005/07/26 台風7号が関東地方を直撃した。台風一過の天気を期待して羽田空港へ行き航空機撮影を行った。当日は気温が高く、35.6度の猛暑となった。写真は熱風の中を滑走路へアプローチする、ANAお花ポケモンジェット

Olympus E-300 AF-S Nikkor ED300mmF4 + TC14E  1/640 f6.3 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
2005/07 / 26 typhoon No. 7 hit the Kanto district directly. The weather of typhoon passing away was expected, it went to Haneda Airport, and airplane photography was performed. Temperature was high and became the intense heat which is 35.6 degrees on the day. A photograph is the ANA flower arrangement Pokemon jet which approaches a runway in the inside of a hot wind
2005/07/23 19:33:25

2005/07/23 16:35頃千葉県北西部を震源とする強い地震があり、東京都足立区で震度5強を記録した。このため東海道新幹線のほか首都圏のJRや地下鉄各線で運転見合わせが相次ぎ、公共交通機関が終日乱れる結果となった。写真は横須賀線西大井駅で運転再開を待つ人々。
Olympus E-1 ZUIKO DIGITAL ED14-54mmF2.8-3.5 1/13 f5.6 ISO800 RAW(Silkypix)
2005/07/23 There is a strong earthquake which makes the Chiba northwest part the focus at the 16:35 times, and five or so seismic intensity was recorded in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. For this reason, operation stopped one another by JR and subway each line of a metropolitan area besides Tokaido Shinkansen, and a result to which a public means of transportation is confused all day was brought. Photographs are people who wait for resumption of operation at the Yokosuka Line Nishi Oi station.
2005/07/10 14:40:13

Olympus E-1 ZUIKO DIGITAL ED55-200mmF2.8-3.5 1/2500 f4.5 ISO100 RAW(Silkypix)
JAPAN AIR LINES carries out "a family's summer vacation campaign" with summer [ this year ] diagram. It seems that various goods for families and tour are carried out in all domestic flight routes. In order to oppose the Pokemon jet of ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS, a "Mushiking jet" is due to be run this summer.
2005/07/04 12:25:18

Olympus E-300 TAMRON SP LD180mmF2.5
 1/320 f2.5 ISO400 RAW(Silkypix)
Although it did not rain so that a water shortage became anxious in mid-June, the heavy rain was brought to every place in Japan from the end of June to the start of July. The rain which became the weather appropriate for a rainy season and was collected into a long time also in Tokyo falls today
2005/06/26 20:44:12


Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital ED55mm-200mmF2.8-3.5
 1/250 f3.5 ISO800 RAW(Silkypix)
The first week (Tokyo) of a FIVB world Grand Prix 2005 primary league carried out all game ends today. Also regrettably with a good fight Japan was beaten by formidable enemy Brazil in the end of a full set, and ranked 2nd with two wins and one loss. Photographs are all Japanese players that gaze at the commendation ceremony of Brazil of the 1st place by complete victory. 
2005/06/19 12:25:11

日本最大規模のカーオーディオイベント、モービル・エレクトロニクス・ショー(MES)2005が今年も幕張メッセで開催された。各社様々なサウンドデモカーを展示した。 写真はその中でも一番目立ったドライアイスを仕込んで演出するデモカーの様子。

Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital 14-54mmF2.8-3.5
 1/100 f3.2 ISO400 RAW(Silkypix)
The car audio event of the Japanese maximum scale and the mobile electronics show (MES) 2005 were also held in Makuhari Messe this year. each company -- various sound demonstration cars were exhibited A photograph is appearance of a demonstration car which prepares and directs most conspicuous dry ice also in it.
2005/06/10 15:31:01


Olympus E-300 Zuiko Digital 14-54mmF2.8-3.5
 1/50 f5.1 ISO400 RAW(Silkypix)
The greatest event in Asia and Interop2005 were also held in Makuhari Messe this year.
A certain visual equipment maker was exhibiting the Hi-Vision correspondence real-time network edit system which became realizable by tying up backbones, such as Network Strage, with other companies. Network edit of the real time in the Hi-Vision made only on the tape level until now says having come that it can do under the high-speed NAS environment. It can be said that whole surface digital-broadcasting-ization which will start in 2010 was approached 1 step again.
2005/06/04 13:56:04

あるメーカーが新しいデジタル一眼レフを発表し、新宿高島屋で一般向け製品紹介を行った。 ボディとレンズで約10万円程度の出費で、高価なプロ用い一眼レフに勝るとも劣らない画質で写真が楽しめるというのが売りである。操作性はコンパクトデジタルカメラとほぼ同等の使い方で、右の写真ぐらいまで引き伸ばせる事を考えると、デジタルカメラの進歩はすごいんだな、とあらためて感じてしまう。
Olympus E-300 Zuiko Digital 14-54mmF2.8-3.5
 1/60 f2.8 ISO400 RAW(Silkypix)
A certain maker announced the new digital single reflex camera, and performed product introduction for general in Shinjuku Takashimaya. It is sale that a photograph can be enjoyed by the quality of image which is not inferior even if it excels expensive digital single reflex camera for pros in expenses of about about 100,000 yen with a body and a lens. Considering that even a right photograph can extend operativity depending on usage almost equivalent to a compact digital camera, it will be thought anew that progress of a digital camera is uncanny.
2005/05/29 14:03:09

本日海上保安庁観閲式が羽田沖で実施された。 炎上する船の消火やヘリによる海上人命救助、さらに、不審船への対応といった一連の訓練が行われた。場所は羽田空港からかなり離れており、撮影する事が出来なかった。写真は一般公募抽選で観閲式を見学できる観客満載の第三管区海上保安庁巡視船二隻。
Olympus E-300 AF-S Nikkor ED300mmF4 + x1.4
 1/1250 f5.6 ISO100 SHQ
The Maritime Safety Agency review was carried out in the Haneda offing today. Marine lifesaving by fire extinguishing and the helicopter of a ship which are destroyed by fire, and a series of training further called the correspondence to a doubtful ship were performed. The place is considerably distant from Haneda Airport, and was not able to be photoed. Photographs are the two third precinct Maritime Safety Agency patrol vessels of the spectator full load which can inspect a review by the general general invitation lottery.
2005/05/14 19:43:15

Automatic Train Stop)装置の見直しが行われている。今回のJR西日本の事故現場ではATS-SW型が使用されており、新しいATS-P型の設置工事が行われている。
Automatic Train Control)が装備されている山手線の出発風景。山手線も2006年までにより安全性の高いデジタルATC(D-ATC)に置き換わる予定である。

Olympus E-300 Zuiko Digital 14-54mmF2.8-3.5
 1/40 f2.8 ISO400 RAW(silkypix)
By JR, reexamination of ATS (Automatic Train Stop) equipment has been performed since in Fukuchiyama Line of JR West Japan the accident (2005. 04.25). In the accident spot of this JR West Japan, the ATS-SW type is used and new ATS-P type installation construction is performed.
A photograph is the start scenery of Yamanote Line that the ATC-6 type (Automatic Train Control) which advanced further is equipped. Yamanote Line is also due to replace digital one ATC with more high safety (D-ATC) by 2006.
2005/05/05 12:24:20


Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital ED50-200mmF2.8-3.5
 1/200 f2.8 ISO800 RAW(silkypix)
The finals of all the Japanese volleyball championships (Mainichi Newspapers, Japan Volleyball Association sponsorship) were held in the final day (May 5) and the Osaka prefectural gymnastics hall. a boy's Toray Industries vsNEC game 3-1 Toray Industries a victory and for the first time in  three years.  the 4th championship a woman's pioneer vs Seaguls game 3-0 a pioneer winning for the first time in  two years. the 2nd championship was achieved A photograph is the situation of championship commemoration photography of a pioneer.
2005/05/02 16:02:34

Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital MACRO ED50mmF2
 1/250 f2 ISO100 RAW(silkypix)
In Tokyo, the flower of an azalea was in full bloom. In Tokyo, the azalea is planted in the sidewalk etc. in many cases as a fence. It seems that there are about three kinds of objects for garden trees.
A photograph is appearance of a bud which waits for the bloom.
2005/04/23 14:33:14

Nikon D1x  AiAF-S Nikkor ED300mmF4D + TC-17EII
 1/1600 f7.1 ISO250 RAW.(silkypix
The photography conditions of today's Haneda Airport were not so good at light cloudy. Although it already continues photoing Haneda and ten years are passed, an accident may be photoed by chance. A photograph is Skymark Airlines B767-300ER which continues a flight, being unable to perform receipt of a gear after a takeoff.
2005/04/09 11:18:21

Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital MACRO ED50mmF2
 1/1250 f2 ISO100 RAW.(silkypix
In Tokyo, several days before to the cherry tree (SomeiYoshino) was in full bloom. Since it was called Saturday today, cherry blossom viewing was performed here and there. A photograph is the rise of one flower of a cherry tree. A small pistil is impressive.
2005/04/03 13:16:15

。 関東近県のバイク好きが集まり、場内は大変な混雑であった。写真は屋外で行われたトライアルデモンストレーションのひとコマ。
Olympus E-300 Zuiko Digital ED55-200mmF2.8-3.5 1/400 f5.6 ISO100 RAW.(silkypixにて現像)
The 32nd Tokyo motorcycle show 2005 was held in Tokyo Big Sight. The motorbike lover of the Kanto adjacent prefectures gathered and in the hall was serious confusion. A photograph is one top of the trial demonstration performed outdoors.
2005/03/27 11:41:10

数日前からフランス、シラク大統領が来日している。本日は愛知万博(愛・地球博)を視察している。写真は羽田空港に駐機するフランス空軍所属大統領専用機(Airbus A319-115 (X)(CJ)、F-RBFA)。(羽田空港) 他にF-RBFB
Nikon D1X Nikkor AF-SED300mmF4D x1.7 1/1500 f6.7 ISO200 RAW.(silkypixにて現像)
France and President Chirac have visited Japan from several days before. Expo Aichi 2005 (love and 地球博) is inspected today. A photograph is France air force affiliation Air Force One (Airbus A319-115 (X), (CJ), F-RBFA) parked at an apron to Haneda Airport. (Haneda Airport)
2005/03/21 15:21:23

Nikon D1X Nikkor AF-SED300mmF4D x1.4 1/1600 f5.6 ISO200 RAW.(silkypixにて現像)
After an airplane touches down on a runway, it goes into a taxiing way and moves in a taxiing way aiming at spot. In case it goes into spot from a taxiing way, a marshaler (guidance member) sends directions to a captain. Photographs are ANA B737-500 which carry out spot in with guidance directions of a marshaler. (Haneda Airport)
2005/03/13 13:21:47

Nikon D1X Nikkor AF-SED300mmF4D x1.7 1/1000 f7.1 ISO200 RAW.(silkypixにて現像)
No. 5 of the Skymark Airlines great desire (JA767F) came flying by new paint. Unlike the old paint, the paint of the company name LOGO came to be carried out to the body. (Haneda Airport) 
2005/03/06 15:44:27

Olympus E-1 DIGITAL ZUIKO ED150mmF2
1/250 f2.8 ISO800 RAW.(silkypixにて現像)
The final day of a women's volleyball V league final league was held in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium today. NEC won the pioneer by 3-1, and the finals were decided to the NEC vs pioneer. The consolation match to decide third place was decided in JT vs Denso. A photograph is the frame of the final league final game and a NEC vs pioneer game.
2005/03/01 11:06:54

Olympus E-300 SIGMA18-50mmF3.5-5.6
1/125 f5.6 ISO100 RAW.(silkypixにて現像)
JR bed special express "Sakura" ended operation by 2005.02.28, and closed the curtain in the long history. It had been left from Nagasaki yesterday and it is the figure of the last of one "Sakura for Tokyo." A photograph is taken at the Yokohama station.
2005/02/27 14:10:23

久しぶりに航空機撮影のため羽田空港に出向いた。視界は40Kmと絶好の撮影日和である。今日はたまたま外来機が飛来しており、撮影できる幸運に恵まれた。写真は羽田空港を離陸する、Yukaipa Companies Inc. Boeing757-2J4 N770BB。
Nikon D1X Nikkor AF-S300mmF4D
1/2500 f5.6 ISO200 RAW.(silkypixにて現像)
It went to Haneda Airport for airplane photography after a long time. Fields of view are 40km and the best photography weather. The visitor machine was coming flying by chance today, and it was blessed with the fortune which can be photoed. A photograph is Yukaipa Companies Inc.Boeing757-2J4 N770BB which takes off from Haneda Airport.
2005/02/20 20:07:38


Olympus E-300 DIGITAL ZUIKO14-54mmF2.8-3.5
1/20 f2.8 ISO400 RAW.(silkypixにて現像)
The new digital camera was purchased. cooling-off one -- you have to carry out a check of operation during a possible period Night view photography which served as the performance test of a camera instantly on the house apartment roof is performed. A photograph is taken on the worst conditions for the time being, and the performance of this camera is seen.
2005/02/13 12:43:49


Olympus E-1 DIGITAL ZUIKO14-54mmF2.8-3.5
1/800 f7.1 ISO100 RAW.
The big event "the Sapporo snow festival" of winter was also held in Sapporo-shi this year. The Sapporo snow festival is the last in holding this year because of the reorganization of the Ground Self Defense Force which is manufacturing the snow figure. Time has been made and inspected somehow today on the final day. A photograph is the heavy snow image of "Nagoya Castle" of the performance more than a genuine article. 
2005/01/29 18:05:09


Olympus E-1 DIGITAL ZUIKO50-200mmF2.8-3.5
1/200 f2.8 ISO800 SHQ(JPEG)
The game of a women's volleyball V league is watched after a long time. The Denso VS Takefuji game turned into a close game taken to five sets. Since Denso won and this game also defeated the NEC game of the next day, the possibility containing about four came out of it. A photograph is the libero and Sakurai, the captain, who are desperate and raise a ball.
2005/01/14 09:20:10


Olympus E-1 DIGITAL ZUIKO14-54mmF2.8
1/640 f9 ISO400 RAW
It was fine from the morning today. It is windy. It goes to the house apartment highest story, and looks at the direction of Meguro-ku. Mt. Fuji is visible to the long distance of the city area in big city Tokyo.
2005/01/09 13:34:10

Olympus E-1 AiAF-S Nikkor 300mm/4 x1.7
1/1600 f6.7 ISO200 SHQ(JPEG)
The strong, cold north wind blew and today was one day cold to the bodily heart, although it was fine. It still goes to the Haneda Airport view deck, and an airplane is seen. The ANA machine tended to take off exactly and it was going to go to Zama NDB.
2005/01/01 11:02:25
 元旦は各航空会社共比較的空いているものである。それを利用して日帰りの空撮の旅に行ってきた。天候も比較的良く、満足する事ができた。写真は札幌発東京行ANA 便で、私の故郷上空から見た陸奥半島。(青森県)

 Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital 14-55mm/2.8-3.5 1/4000 f4 ISO400 SHQ(JPEG)
New-Year's-greetings dawn, furthermore congratulations.
Each airline is comparatively vacant as for the New Year's Day. It has carried out to the trip of aerial photographing of a day's trip using it. The weather could also be comparatively good and was able to be satisfied. A photograph is the Mutsu peninsula which is Sapporo Tokyo line ANA facilities and was seen from my hometown sky. (Aomori Prefecture)