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2004/12/29 14:24:33


Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital ED150mmF2
1/640 f2.2 ISO200 RAW
2004/12/29 Haneda Airport became first snow of the season under the influence of the cold high up in the sky. Since temperature was 2 , although snow did not lie and the facilities of a start were no vacancy mostly in the homecoming rushes in the afternoon, disorder did not appear in a means of transportation.
A photograph is a ANA airplane bound for Sapporo which takes off from Haneda Airport.
2004.12/23 16:51:15

2004/12/01 羽田空港に新しくオープンした第2ターミナルには、ショッピングモールと呼ばれるドーム型の建物が存在する。このドームの周りに銀座に本店があるレストランやブティックが並んでいる。デザインはオーロラをイメージしたものだという。
Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital 14-54mmF2.8-3.5(14mm)
1/125 f4.5 ISO400 SHQ(JPEG)
2004/12/01 The dome type building called shopping mall exists in the 2nd terminal newly opened in Haneda Airport. The restaurant and boutique which have a head office in the Ginza are located in a line with the surroundings of this dome. It is said that a design imagines aurora.
2004.12/11 16:00:34

本日第11回V.LEAGE女子バレーボール、パイオニアVS NEC戦が、群馬県太田市民体育館で開催された。前回の対戦ではパイオニアが勝利したが、チームに勢いがあるNECが本日は3−0のストレートでパイオニアを下して首位に立った。写真はジャンピングサーブを打つ前に神経を集中するNEC高橋みゆき(シン)チームキャプテン。
Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital ED150mmF2
1/250 f2 ISO800 RAW.
11thV.LEAGE women's volleyball and the pioneer VS NEC game were held in the Gumma Ota citizen gymnasium today. Although the pioneer won in the last waging war, NEC which has vigor in a team stood on the first place today, defeating a pioneer with the straight of 3-0. A photograph is the NEC Takahashi Miyuki (shin) team captain who concentrates a nerve before striking a Jumping serve. おまけ
2004.12/01 20:53:00


Olympus E-1 Zuiko Digital 14-55mmF2.8-3.5(14mm)
1/20 f4 ISO400 RAW.
The second terminal of Haneda Airport opened today. It is the memorable day when new history was minced by Haneda Airport. The ANA last flight is the one for Kansai Airport. The last inbound flight was a flight from Kansai Airport. The ANA group performed movement of 50 airplanes and 500 vehicles between the today first flights for Fukuoka from the yesterday last flight from Kansai Airport today last night. 5000 employees also moved altogether and a change of the display version of all airports and an airport road map etc. was made for in about 6 hours. It is said that all were the schedules of a second unit.
2004.11/28 10:20:32

Nikon D1X AiAF-S Nikkor ED300mmF4D  x 1.7
1/1250 f8 ISO250 RAW.
I have carried out to a long time to the Air Self Defense Force-sponsored aviation festival. Places are Kyushu and a construction-of-a-castle base. Photography of the F-1 fighter by which it is thought that flight exhibition is the last was a guide.
The weather was also good and the wild dance of a fighter was able to be seen after a long time on the day
2004.11/21 17:18:08

Olympus E-1 ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-55mmF2.8-3.5
1/8 f3.5 ISO400 RAW.
I took the photograph Right-hand side area at the Haneda Airport view deck today. If the second terminal of an airport will open on 12/1st, in order that ANA may move to the second terminal of an airport, it will become impossible to photograph this scenery. This scene always got it used to seeing for ten years after the present airport building is made. seeing -- after -- it is ten days
2004.11/13 14:27:40

Olympus E-1 AiAF-S Nikkor 300mmF4D(IF)+x1.7 Teleconverter + FourtherdsFmountAdapter.
(35mm trans ap.1000mm F6.7 )

1/400 f8 ISO200 RAW.
Since it is fine, after a long time, it goes to Haneda Airport and it sees today. Airplane always lands and departs how. The schedule which a new terminal (the second terminal) opens on the east side from next month. You does not forget a check of an airline.
A photograph is the Haneda Airport control tower. a controller always very busy control Airplane at Haneda airport.
2004.11/07 13:40:39


Olympus E-1 Digital ZUIKO 14mm-55mmF2.8-3.5(19mm)
1/60 f4.5 ISO200 RAW.
It is the final day of Tokyo Motor Show today. Although expectation was variously used as the breast and I went out, called the year of commercial vehicle exhibition this year, It is boring contents now. Each company exhibited concept model etc. was still exhibited and, as it is, there were many the companions. a photograph is a container tractor concept model made by Mitubishifuso.
2004.10/31 16:23:15

Nikon D1X AiAF Nikkor ED85mmF1.4D(IF)
1/250 f4 ISO250 RAW.
It participated in the model's photography meeting after a long time. Although today's model of the was the direction which meets you for the first time, he is a very fresh person and was able to take a photograph with sufficient tempo. It was regrettable that studio was crowded for a while.
2004.10/23 16:23:15

WPCEXPO2004が今年も無事開催された。 各社が魅力あるデジタル製品を展示していたが、一方でデジカメの今後の進むべき方向を各社模索しているという状況であった。デジタル写真、デジタルビデオ、それらを手軽に相手に送信、あるいはプリントして共有する技術を持つことが勝利への鍵のような気がした。写真はSANYOブースのデジタルカメラとビデオが気軽に撮れるXactiシリーズの新バージョン。
Nikon D1X AF-S DX Nikkor ED17-55mmF2.8D(IF)(55mm)
1/100 f3.5 ISO400 RAW.
WPCEXPO2004 was also held safely this year. Although each company was exhibiting the attractive digital product, it was the situation of carrying out each company grope of the direction of the future of a digital camera to which it should go by one side. I think like the key to a victory that whose it has a digital photograph, a digital video, and the technology of transmitting or printing and sharing them as a partner easily . A photograph is the new version of the Xacti series which can take freely a picture of the digital camera and video of a SANYO booth
2004.10/09 18:40:03
 Nikon D1X AF-S DX Nikkor ED17-55mmF2.8D(IF)(17mm)
 1/60 f2.8 ISO400 RAW.
After the typhoon No. 22 landed at Izu Peninsula on the afternoon of the 9th, it ran through the metropolitan area and performed it. Since most traffic of a metropolitan area was a heavy rain and a wind, it stopped for this reason, functioning temporarily. Photographs are passengers of a home who wait for the train of the Kawasaki return trip by the mudslide generated near Keihin Kyuko Lines Hiji-cho station for no operation. (A photograph is taken at the Shinagawa station)
2004.10/03 13:43:02

Nikon D1X AF-S DX Nikkor ED17-55mmF2.8D(IF)
1/1250 f4 ISO320 RAW.
There is as petty no thing as the aviation festival of a rainy day. It cannot act, although the USAF SanderBaids Acrobat team has been coming flying at hand for the first time in ten years. It only watches. At the time of bad weather, the attraction which is [ that it is various and ] taking a change of air is looked for.
 A photograph is the situation of the inside of a heavy rain, and a forcing model photography meeting. On the JASDF Hamamatsu base.
2004.09/26 10:56:31

Nikon D1X AiAF-S Nikkor ED 80-200mmF2.8D(IF)
1/320 f4 ISO200 RAW.
the Oi, Shinagawa-ku 2 and 3 area disaster prevention training were held in unlucky rainy weather in the Nishi Oi open space park
 In area disaster prevention training, practice training of training which employed the special feature of an area other than initial fire extinguishing or emergency relief efficiently was performed.
 In Shinagawa-ku, the establishment which the earthquake of M7 class generates over 30 years pointed out having received the notification exceeding 70%, and emphasized the importance of disaster prevention training.
 A photograph is the situation of water-drainage training by the Shinagawa-ku personnel.
2004.09/19 14:24:56
Nikon D1X AiAF-S Nikkor ED 300mmF4D(IF)
1/100 f4 ISO640 RAW.
All Japanese women's volleyball team fan gratitude days were held in the Tokyo Yoyogi gymnasium. Although it finished 5th in the Athens Olympic Games, without the ability taking out the power which it can have, I want you to surely gain a medal in Beijing next time. However, the popularity of woman ballet was considerable and the volleyball fan gathered from the whole country. All Japanese women's volleyball teams were formally dispersed after the next friendly match. A photograph is joint commemoration photography with the uniform figure of all the last Japanese teams, and V league selection member (Director Mr,Slinger) who became a friendly match partner.
2004.09/12 14:44:09

Nikon D1X AiAF-S Nikkor ED 300mmF4D(IF)+TC14E(420mm)
1/2000 f7.1 ISO200 RAW.
The Okadama aviation pageant held at once in Hokkaido in every 2 years. It was also safely held as planned by the many program this time. It is the aviation show new as Japan in which even a U.S. Forces plane participates from a private sector machine. New demonstration of carrying out inflight refueling of the photograph by F/A-18 comrades.
2004.09/05 13:01:48

Nikon D100 AiAF-S Nikkor ED 80-200mmF2.8D(IF)(105mm)
1/3200 f5.6 ISO200 RAW.
The Misawa base aviation festival held on large-scale every year. Many of flight exhibitions planned though a field of view and the weather were sorry this year for it to be bad have been canceled.
A photograph is Misawa F-2 fighter of the 50th anniversary paint of the Air Self Defense Force and model person which attached coloring to the terrible aviation festival,
2004.08/22 13:34:18


Nikon D100 AF-S DX Nikkor ED 17-55mmF2.8G(IF)(26mm)
1/2500 f5.6 ISO200 RAW
The Yokota base friendship festival which I am looking forward to every year. I was very lonely for eyeball exhibition to have been at least Lockheed MC-130H Hercules
though it was regrettable this year. Also in it, the 50th anniversary paint machine of the Air Self Defense Force of a RF-4E extended range interceptor machine came flying from JASDF, and it had become a popular person
2004.08/14 17:17:15

(モデル MIYUさん)
Nikon D1X AF-S DX Nikkor ED 17-55mmF2.8G(IF)(55mm)
1/60 f3.2 ISO200 RAW.with SB-80DX
It participated in the model photography meeting after a long time. A place with the sufficient place which I have attach a pause variously and can be happily photoed at a small number of people's photography meeting. A place a thing with a high price is bad .(Photograph model MIYU)
2004.08/08 12:49:55


Nikon D1X AiAF-S Nikkor ED 300mmF4D(IF)+TC-17EII
1/1250 f8.5 ISO320 RAW.
The Hokkaido Chitose base which is a north breakwater. The aviation festival was held on the Chitose base today. Humidity is raised around from daytime, a field of view becomes good but, and the movement flight of F-15 eagle charms a spectator.
2004.07/29 09:01:44

Nikon D100 AF-S DX Nikkor 17-55mmF2.8G(55mm)
1/500 f8 ISO200 RAW Trim.
Although 35FW14FS and 13FS unit are stationed in the U.S. air force Misawa base, the U.S. navy Misawa communication security group (NSGA) is stationed to others, and about 1000 persons have taken on the duty. This photograph is the antenna FLR9"the cage of The elephant" installed in order [ in the Misawa base ] to mainly monitor HF electric wave.
Photography out of an airplane.
2004.07/25 14:06:48

Nikon D100 AF-S DX Nikkor 17-55mmF2.8G(38mm)
1/750 f6.3 ISO200 RAW.
The aviation festival was held on the Air Self Defense Force Matsushima base. The field of view of weather was bad because of SeaFog, and there was little flight exhibition. A photograph intrudes into the commemorative photo of the member of the blue impulse Jr which flight enginer of the fourth aviation team 11th flying corps blue impulse formed just for a moment. [ of the Matsushima base ]
2004.07/19 13:35:21

Nikon D1X AF-S DX Nikkor 17-55mmF2.8G
1/1250 f4 ISO125 RAW.
Today's Tokyo districts are 34 temperature. It tests whether the lens purchased newly fits sport photography. A photograph is a player who acts as the party of FUTSAL.
2004.07/11 15:14:36

Nikon D1X AiAF-S 300mmF2.8+TC-17EII
1/1500 f7.6 ISO200 RAW
Today's Haneda Airport became thunderstorm in the daytime. A photograph is ANA 737-500 which does competition (?) to a cruise boat in the place which the day put with thunderstorm dawn. It is summer still more.
2004.06/30 19:16:23

Nikon D1X AiAF-S 80-200mmF2.8。
1/125 f3.2 ISO640 RAW.(トリミング)
JT VS all Japan's game was held by the Olympic Games send-off party of all the Japanese women's volleyball teams (Director Yanagimoto) held in Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. The result was a victory of all Japan in 3-0. A photograph is one top under game.
2004.06/20 16:40:01

Nikon D1X AiAF 80-200mmF2.8D(旧)借用品。
1/16000 f7.1 ISO200 RAW.(トリミング)
The typhoon No. 6 landed at Shikoku and Kinki district, and damage was brought about all over the country this week. A photograph is the flow of the wonderful clouds seen before typhoon landing in Yokohama.
2004.06/19 15:29:02

Nikon D1X AiAF-S 300mmF4D
1/350 f5.6 ISO200 RAW
In the apron of an airport, the ground worker member of various types of industry is working. such people are honest supportting and aviation industry are functioning.The photograph just tends to be going to rotate Dolly, in order that the female worker specializing in [ of AIU ] airplane ground support service who takes charge of the ANA group may load into an airplane LD4 container carried from a freight terminal.
(Haneda Airport)
2004.06/13 11:23:07

Nikon D1X AiAF85mmF1.4D
1/320 f4 ISO250 RAW スタジオライト使用。
It participated to the model photography meeting in studio after a long time. Although it is a little early seasonally, it is a photography meeting in a yukata today. Although it was the model who meets for the first time, the photograph collection was summarized somehow.
2004.06/05 14:38:30

Nikon D1X AF-S300mmF4D
1/1250 f6.3 ISO125
It is the B777-300 "Nippon Do your best!" paint JetPlane (JA8941) which JAL which is the official airline of the Athens Olympic Games is running. it is simple paint unlike the time of the World Cup 2002 . Maritime Self Defense Force convoy "Hatuyuki" (#122) at which the back vessel happened to be by chance .
2004.05/29 13:48:12

Nikon D1X AF-S300mmF4D + TC-14E
1/750 f7.1 ISO125
The Maritime Safety Agency review and comprehensive training were held in the Haneda offing on 29 or the 30th as the ordinary year. A photograph picks up a bidder and the patrol vessel of the Kagoshima marine Safety Department affiliation large model "Osumi." of a no vacancy state .
2004.05/23 15:24:47
秋葉原で路上ライブを披露するバンドが居たのでスナップしてみる。バンド名は「Lemmy Crisis」。シンプルな楽器でシンプルな演奏である。
Nikon D100 AF-S24-85mmF3.5-4.5G
1/30 f5.6 ISO200
The band which announces the live on the street in Akihabara was, a snap is carried out. A band name is "Lemmy Crisis." It is a simple performance by the simple musical instrument.
2004.05/11 17:10:23

Nikon D00 AF-S24-85mmF3.5-4.5G
1/1250 f4 ISO200 JPEGモードFINE
It is a janitor's problem on healthy this week, and there is almost no photograph to introduce. A photograph is an azalea currently planted in the hospital site photoed to going-to-hospital-regularly return.
2004.05/05 16:15:58

Nikon D1X AF-S24-85mmF3.5-4.5G
1/20 f4.5 ISO500
The role of a rescue dog is discovering the man buried with rubble or earth and sand at the time of a calamity, and telling man the room. The capability which does not choose a place for that purpose but can work is needed. Training for that is performed by some volunteer's. (A photograph is taken by pet show 2004)
2004.05/01 15:13:14

Nikon D1X Ai400mmF3.5S+TC-301S
1/2000 f7 ISO400
It is crowded with the birds of sandpiper and stint which drop in while crossing to north in the Funabashi-shi, Chiba Yatsu tidal flat protected by the Ramsar Convention. A place to the group of Dunlin,Turnstone,Greenshank, and Little Turn are mixed and it is absent from the photograph. Since it extracted by my photography mistake though photograph was taken by opening, the range of color distribution of a focus is narrowly severe.
2004.04/25 11:52:10
モデル : 日向久美

Nikon D1X AiAF85mmF1.4D
1/200 f4 ISO200 タングステンライト3灯、オレンジセロハンつきライト右上から1灯。
It is a model photography meeting in studio today. Although it was a thing with "like a doll", was rather difficult, the model's hope was summarized taking advantage of the skirt. Model Kumi. I'm sorry.
Model : Kumi Hyuga
2004.04/18 10:40:49
モデル : 桜井あゆみ(NET-Age)

Nikon D100 AiAF85mmF1.4D
1/800 f4 ISO200 右からレフ使用。
The double flowering cherry tree, the azalea, and the model were summarized as one spring photograph. Possibly it was better to put in a cherry tree to a slight degree.
Today was one day of acting before the audience warmly in spring.
Model : Ayumi Sakurai(NET-Age)
2004.04/11 13:27:35

Nikon D1X AiAF-S300mmF4D
1/750 f7.1 ISO200
The beginning of April, it will be the season of an entrance ceremony and a hiring ceremony. The Haneda Airport view deck is also busy at many visitors. I discovered the visitor of a kimono figure.I want you to become their good commemoration.
2004.04/05 17:25:20

Nikon D1X AiAF-S80-200mmF2.8D
1/200 f4 ISO400
A Somei Yoshino cherry tree matches well too in spring. Tokyo had already passed over time in full bloom, many buds still remained in the shady cherry tree. A photograph is taken in the park near the house.
2004.04/03 17:41:15

Nikon D100 AF-S24-85mmF3.5-4.5G
1/60 f5.6 ISO200 D-TTLストロボ1灯。JPEG-Mid(2240×1488)モードで撮影。
I like a set photograph. This photograph is the alignment scenery of the DUCATI booth of the 31st Tokyo motorcycle show. Although it is the snap currently photoed by chance, Eye point does not gather but a name and nobody know it. However, since only the rightmost one is a direction which was present in the Nikon booth last year, I know well. During photography, I gaze at my lens and appreciate for it.
2004.03/28 14:37:45

Nikon D1X AiAF-S80-200mmF2.8D
1/500 f4 ISO200 D-TTLストロボ1灯。レフ有り(しかし効いていない)
in Tokyo, since the day of fine weather continued here on several, in various places, a cherry tree blooms for 5 or 6 minutes, and comes out At today's model photography meeting, the cherry tree was harvested greatly and photoed.
2004.03/21 11:30:21

Nikon D1X AF-S24-85mmF3.5-4.5D
1/80 f4.5 ISO400
The photography meeting of PhotoExpo2004 was attended. Although the model made three persons needed, since weak (the model's feeling cannot be read) photos two or more of the models, it extracts to one person and I take a photograph. This place was a place in which a lighting can be employed most efficiently. The participating number is like about 40 persons.
2004.03/14 13:09:54
Nikon D1X AiAF-S80-200mmF2.8D
1/1000 f10 ISO320
Old woman who came for the send-off by the Haneda Airport view deck together with the dog. Since gazing is disagreeable, a dog is looking-away feeling just for a moment. After photography, if a throat is stroked, a hand will be licked suddenly.
2004.03/06 16:42:19

Olympus E-1 ISO100 ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-55mmF2.8-3.5
1/125 f7.1 SHQモード スタジオ用ストロボ2灯、右からレフ使用。
It was blessed with the opportunity to preview an Olympus E-1 digital single lens reflex camera at the IPPF2004 hall. It is quality of image excellent like it grows dim. It is a product to purchase if there is an opportunity.
Crosses deep-blue sky while pulling jet stream Boing747 huge machine.
When empty was looked up at suddenly on the Misawa base, this spectacle was seen here and there.
雰囲気をも閉じ込められている写真、そんな写真が私は好きである。写真は2004 DRUG STORE SHOW、エステー化学ブースのコンパニオンさん。
I like the photograph shut up also in atmosphere, and such a photograph. A photograph is the companion of 2004 DRUG STORE SHOW and the S.T. Chemical booth.
When overlaps by chance,It may be blessed with an opportunity to take a set photograph at a show. A photograph is the companion of NET&COM and an APC booth.
It is also the season of St Valentine's Day this year. The decoration of St Valentine's Day by the airline employee sensitive to St Valentine's Day. Haneda Airport ANA departure lounge.
世界に1機しか居ないハーレクイーンエア塗装のJAL MD81機。ハーレクィン(イタリア古典喜劇の中の楽しく陽気な登場人物)をモチーフにした塗装が素敵である。
Only one set is in the world. JAL MD-81 of the harlequin air paint The paint which used harlequin (pleasant cheerful characters in the Italy classic comedy) as the motif is great. detailed http://www.harlequin-air.co.jp/index.html pleasing .
The concert which united classic ballet with a classic and pop. Although it was the favorite one that I say like this, as for the spectator, only the hall of a Tokyo auto salon had few places. A moment for a good picture is aimed at and photoed.
Ebisu which appeared to the Minatomirai landmark tower -- an object [ like ] May it is also a good year this year!
Sunrise on New Year's Day is also photoed from an airplane this year. It is beautiful. It is busy with photography on that day, and he forgets to pray to God. The first visit in the year to a shrine is also finished in the Haneda aviation shrine.
今日からPhoto of the Weekを開始した。
Photo of the Week was started from today.
A photograph is the Tokyo Mirenalio this year. The great thing could not be found although it stood in a line for 1 hour. It is a snap, being cautious of exposure.