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Binary for USB is added.(2006/02/19)
Binary of Qvm86 is updated.(2006/02/12)
User Documentation in Japanese is updated.
0.8.0 binaries are updated.(2006/01/31)
Using audio is added.
Tap patch and binary are added.
VLAN patch is updated.
A binary and a patch for VLAN socket support is added. (2006/01/08)
How to use network is updated.
Version up to 0.8.0. (2005/12/22)
Binaries for SPARC and ARM are added.
All in one patched binary is added.(2005/12/12)
PPC binary and a patch are updated.(2005/11/20)
Tap patch and a binary are updated.
Link to DMA patch is updated.
Version up to 0.7.2.(2005/09/11)
A patch and a binary for qemu-img.exe are added.
Links to Kqemu and installers of Qvm86 are added.(2005/08/10)
User documentation in Japanese is updated.
A binary for tap device is updated.
A patch for gdbstub is updated.
Error messages are added to 0.7.1 and a binary is updated.(2005/08/04)
A patch of GCC 3.4 is updated.
Version up to 0.7.1. (2005/07/26)
Binary for PPC is updated.
Bochs-integrated QEMU is added.
Two patches for MinGW GCC 3.4 are added. (2005/07/07)
A patch for DMA is updated.
Version up to 0.7.0. (2005/04/29)
Usage of real CD-ROM drive is added to How to use floppy and CD-ROM.
Install path of zlib is changed to /mingw/include and /mingw/lib. Porting Tips is updated.
-tftp option and -redir option is added to how to use network in user mode.(2005/02/08)
Network using Tap is updated.
Binaries for PPC and Tap are updated.(2005/01/26)
Porting Tips is updated.
SDL-1.2.8(DirectX headers are used.) and Porting Tips are updated.(2005/01/22)
A binary package and a patch for PowerPC are added. Stopped.
A binary, a patch and usage of network using tap are added. Stopped.
mingw-runtime-3.7, w32api-3.2 are updated.
A binary and patch for 1 ms interval interrupt are added.(2005/01/05)
User Documentation in Japanese is updated. (2004/12/04)
A binary package is updated.
Version up to 0.6.1. (2004/11/19)
Building environment(gcc-3.3.1, w32api-3.1 and mingw-runtime-3.5) is updated.(2004/11/09)
Debugging Tips and a binary with dbg are added.
Version up to 0.6.0.(2004/07/12) is added.(2004/06/29)
It is under development. Please use it for testing.
Soundblaster 16 and QEMU Monitor are suppoted.(2004/06/26)
Floppy and CD-ROM can be changed.
Network in user mode is supported. (2004/06/14)
How to use network is added.
Binary pachage and Porting Tips are updated(SDL-1.2.7).(2004/05/17)
Binary package is updated (keyboad fix).(2004/05/13)
Version up to 0.5.5.(2004/05/12)
Porting Tips are updated.