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Accelerators can be used on a Windows 2000/XP host.

1. Using KQEMU

1.1 Making KQEMU for Windows host

I cross-compiled KQEMU driver on Fedora Core host. I installed MiGW's rpm packages.

After installing rpms, configure in the source code.

./configure --enable-mingw32

It can not be compiled on Windows host because the code has a ELF assembler option.

1.2 Using KQEMU

Windows 98SE guest is slower than no kqemu.
Booting time of a guest OS doesn't change. User mode applications may be faster.

2. Using Qvm86

Qvm86 enabled package installer.
Qvm86 driver installer.

Patches for sorce codes.
Workaround for Windows 98.
Configure for Qvm86 from J. Warnier. here.
Set default BIOS PATH.
Compile fix for win32.
Fix for IE of Windows 2000.

Please uninstall your old version first. Windows 98/Me host is not supported. It is necessary to have an administrative priviledge to install programs. This package is installed for all users. After installed, a restricted user can use QEMU and Qvm86. Qvm86 service is automatically started. If it is properly installed, you don't need to anything about it. If you see an error 'QEMU acceleration layer not activated.', please do net start qvm86 in command prompt.

C:> net start qvm86
The requested service has already been started.

When Qemu-0.8.0-qvm86.exe is installed to a default directory, "C:\Program Files\Qemu", you don't need to set a BIOS path. If you see an error 'could not load PC bios', use -L option to set the BIOS path.

C:\Program Files\Qemu> qemu.exe -L .\bios -hda linux.img
C:\Program Files\Qemu> qemu.exe -L "C:\Program Files\Qemu\bios" -hda linux.img

PATH to C:\Program Files\Qemu is added by installer. You can start the program anywhere in command prompt. If you see an error that 'qemu' isn't recognized as internal, outernal and batch file, type in command prompt.


A time in a Windows 98SE guest is 1/10 slower than a real time.
When I try to launch clock bye double-click on task bar in a Windows 2000 guest, Qemu freezes.
Ftp and lynx in Red Hat 7.2 guest work.
A booting time of a guest OS doesn't change. User mode applications may be faster.

Note: They might suddenly reboot or freeze. Please use them carefully.
After the program start, you can see if kqemu(qvm86) is enabled or not.
Press Ctrl-Alt-2 together and
QEMU 0.7.1 monitor - type 'help' for more information
(qemu) info kqemu
kqemu is enabled

You can also see debug outputs from Qvm86 by DebugView.

Please use a lancher to start a program.
QGui - QEmu Launcher
QEMU Manager
QEmu Launcher - QEmu front end in Japanese