Toshi a.k.a. Da Vinyl Junkie,
Take"Detroit Junkie"Ishiko,
Yamatian aka Radiobaby, End(Smells Like Over Age), Karuki, DJ Ayaka, Mickie and Guests

*Schedule for 2008

04 April

Dj's: Toshi aka Vinyl Junkie, Take"DetroitJunkie"Ishiko and Mickey

*Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Schedule Except "Friday I'm In Luv"

Wednesday 26 March
"Club 80's-"

Place: Club Metro
DJ's: Achaping, Ken, Yama-Chan and Ito-Teacher
Guest DJ's: Toshi aka Vinyl Junkie (Friday I'm In Luv) and Take"Detroit Junkie"Ishiko
Mo' Info.: TBA...

Map Of The Weller's Club (Japanese)